One of my huge passions is Age-Less Living.

Simply put, Age-Less Living is the concept of living without restrictions; living freely.

I remember visiting my GP some years ago who told me. “You are in your 40’s and likely to be perimenopausal so you need to think about that, especially at your age when you may not be able to do the things you want anymore.”

This wasn’t a voice of encouragement but someone else’s opinion and I wasn’t prepared to accept his words. That brief meeting with the GP changed my perception, from that moment on I decided not to be a statistic, that I would live life on my terms not defined by someone else.

Do you ever tell yourself “I’m too old – I can’t do that at my age – I’m too old to learn” and because of that have you held back from applying for that new job, going for a promotion, starting a business, moving home, beginning a new relationship or something else you really wanted to try but haven’t? I have lost count of the number of clients who have been held back by age. I’m not just talking about people in their 50’s or 60’s, I’m talking about all ages including 30’s, 40’s and beyond. I truly have heard so many stories as to why “I can’t do it because of age.”

The perception that over 40 means over the hill is a fallacy, a false belief. I have personally been down the road of depression and health challenges and am living proof that Age-Less Living works. The power of a healthy mind, taking inspired action and living from the heart keeps you young, vibrant and ready to embrace new challenges.

I am passionate about well-being whether that be physical or emotional. It’s important to look after what’s on the inside, so I created Age-Less Living where you can experience the joy of being free to be you at any age. Without limitations.

Age-Less Living is way of living that creates a positive vision for your life. It’s a shift in perception, a way of challenging old ideas or beliefs that hold you back from living the life you want.

Through Age-Less Living I became an author, publishing my first novel. I delved into the energy arts practising Tai Chi and trained as a Qi- Gong instructor, a wonderful energy art that can uplift your energy and life for the better in many ways. I recently found Yoga and incorporate that into my life. I’m in the process of setting up my own podcasts and share my passions on HIT talks. I experienced what worked for me in terms of foods and my body’s needs by listening to it and trusting what I heard, not what someone else told me. Most of all I took action that led me in the direction I wanted my life to go despite any numbers!

You see, Age-Less Living isn’t just about health it’s about transforming buried dreams, creating new ones and embracing possibilities you hadn’t even considered.

With over 20 years experience coaching women, I will help clear away the things that don’t serve you any more and support the areas of life that need to progress. I will share some ancient longevity secrets that can boost energy and empower you with your very own Natural Health Service as well as creating the vision of Age-Less Living you desire.