Time for New Beginnings


Time For New beginnings.

Spring is on its Way.

Looking out of my cottage living room window I see a crow collecting twigs to build its nest. The weight of the twig seemed almost too big for the crow and for a moment it looked like the bird would drop to the ground. Suddenly flapping its wings with all its might the crow lifted into the air. He continued to manoeuvre the twig in its beak until landing safely in the tree. I watched as the crow broke the twig into small pieces then strategically placed them in the new home it was building for its young.

It reminded me how nature never gives up regardless of the challenges she faces. It reminded me also that out of the passing of a dark wet winter, heralds the arrival of spring, a time of new beginnings, a time for creation and growth.

Life Changes.

I had a similar experience recently with the sudden and sad passing of my elder brother. Although he had been unwell for some time it was unexpected by his GP. I went through all the practical things like contacting family members, closing bank accounts, and sorting out insurances. In the midst of all this I had regular conversations with his partner and tried to support his loss.

In one of those conversations we discussed Eric’s life and how he had achieved so many things. He was a very talented musician and shared his passion widely. His partner spoke of how my brother touched lives through his music and was loved by many. He also said something that resonated with me strongly which was.

“Eric tried many things in his life which had failed including a small hotel that didn’t work out. In fact he was left with large debts and had to declare himself bankrupt. But I can live with that because he lived his dream if only for a short while. The financial setback didn’t stop him continuing to dream. His desire was to go back to Yorkshire to live, spending the remainder of his life there. Sadly this didn’t happen.”

If you wonder what this has to do with new beginnings bear with me for a moment


Eric’s sudden death gave cause for reflection in my own life. As a coach I re-evaluate on a regular basis, but my brother’s passing took this to a completely different level. I thought about his life, how he died prematurely and how his dream of moving to Yorkshire remained just that; a dream, since the opportunity to follow his heart was sadly taken from him.

New Beginnings.

As a family we tried to focus on all his achievements. His funeral was a mixture of sadness and joy in celebration of his life as we took a trip down memory lane rejoicing in all the wonderful things he had done.

As we left the church after the service it seemed his death was like winter. But he was somehow saying to me “look- the promise of spring” as crocus buds were bursting forth in the churchyard, a sign of new beginnings.

It seemed like a sign from him I began to focus on what gives me joy and happiness and indeed look at the dreams I have. I realised that his death had shown me something valuable which is quite simply:

‘A dream remains just that until we actively pursue it’

How often do we spend our lives frantically brushing over our hearts desires and dreams? • How many times have we had that insight from our heart to follow its guidance and yet ignored it? • Who hasn’t heard the call of their own destiny but been to busy to actually hear it?

Death like winter is a natural part of life but remember what follows. If we choose to we can start to listen to the stirrings of our heart, the signs of spring, of new beginnings.

‘The challenge for us as human beings is to hear and follow’