Superwoman is That You?


Superwoman is this you? People pleaser, cleaner, cook, chief bottle washer, Mother, partner shall I go on?

Superwoman is this you? People pleaser, cleaner, cook, chief bottle washer, Mother, partner shall I go on?

What makes you put up and shut up when the kids have left yet another mess and inside you want to explode? Or your partner conveniently forgets again to collect the shopping on the way home. So you whip out your superwoman outfit go dashing out like someone possessed, dash back and rustle up the evening meal before anyone notices phew….. got away with that one.


Slow Down and Breathe.

In today’s world the expectations and demands placed upon us by employers and significant others can be overwhelming. There is nothing wrong with admitting you have too much on your plate. In fact taking responsibility for letting people know exactly how you feel is entirely a choice you can exercise and is actually very good for your own health and wellbeing. Give yourself permission to be human and accept that you cannot be all things to all people and neither should you try. It’s not compulsory you say yes to everything, and remember you don’t have to constantly say yes to something you are not happy to do. Saying no can be uncomfortable and may be a word you have long forgotten how to use but it’s very empowering to say no and mean no. Here are some tips you may find useful. 

• We all have unique abilities so recognise this in others and tap into your network.

Work on getting a reserve of extra people around you. It’s always useful to have a support network around you can call on.


• Resolve to ‘put up with’ less. You can accommodate and compromise, but don’t drop your standards or reduce your boundaries.


• Be kind to yourself and try to give yourself 30 minutes a day to something you enjoy if you can’t manage 30 minutes go for 15 minutes as a start.


• Just because something has always been done a certain way does not mean it needs to be done that way forever. If you have children, encourage them to take on tasks they may enjoy the responsibility. You certainly will! After all, it’s your life too and your worth it.

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