Imprisoned Heart

If you dare to believe… anything is possible, even from a prison cell. Katrina Sanderson is innocent, a victim of circumstance. Wrong place, wrong man, wrong time!

Imprisoned Heart

I always had this desire to write and even as I child had a wild imagination. I had a variety of jobs over the years and eventually followed my passion to become a life coach. But I always had this desire to create a novel and the idea for a book simmering away!

I’m a no-nonsense straight talking ‘Yorkshire woman’ and a big believer in coincidences, so when an opportunity to coach women in prison was presented to me that’s when the dream became a reality. As a personal life coach who specialises in working with women I jumped at the chance to work within the prison system. It’s not for the faint hearted but I felt blessed.So it began, as here the seeds of my first novel Imprisoned Heart, were born.

This captivating story is about Katrina Sanderson, an innocent victim of circumstance. Wrong place, wrong man, wrong time! Sentenced to prison for a crime she did not commit, where power hungry officers blackmail for sex. A compelling account of triumph over adversity, empowerment and a love so strong nothing can break it.

Readers say



What a fantastic read! Made me cry, laugh, and get slightly red in the face at times 😉
So proud to call the writer a friend of mine as well! Annette, you are a legend!

Beth Barker

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