Life Reflection.


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Life Reflection.

Here we are already in the first throes of summer.

With those New Year resolutions firmly behind us I firmly feel June or July is a good time to reflect on the year to date. Including looking at the intention we set ourselves for the year ahead in January. This isn’t an exercise in beating ourselves up because we haven’t yet attained our goal but it’s healthy to look where we are in relation to where we want to be with our purpose. It’s more about taking time to reflect on our life’s journey for the year to date and if necessary re-evaluate. A goal should never be hard and fast its always flexible to cope with additional or alternative changes you may wish to make We may well have had a clear idea of how we wanted this year to pan out, using my book as an example. It’s been a high priority for me to get it published for some time and currently I am making progress towards that goal albeit perhaps not as quickly as I would have liked. Doing this has caused me to re look at how I’ve written it and how I can make it even better, all part of the process and another step towards my big dream.


Happiness is what most of us want out of life but when we look outside for happiness first and foremost we are inevitably disappointed. After all if life were different such as my job, partner, cat, dog, or whatever I’m sure you get the picture “I’d be much happier”. I am a great believer in setting goals and having visions after all it’s my work and one of my greatest passions. Let’s not forget that true happiness doesn’t come from others or materiel objects but that’s not to say your partner making you happy is wrong as it isn’t. But whilst we hang our hats on others making us happy, or that lovely red number in the shop window and designer handbags we find happiness short lived. There are many ways to happiness but I feel true happiness comes from inside of us. When we have learned self acceptance, and are content with life as it is that makes a huge difference and we are in a better place to create our visions.

Un-focus for a while.

Whilst it’s great to be focused on our goals we can sometimes forget how much actual progress we have made. By taking the focus off for a time say when away on holiday we get to see how far on that journey we have come. The journey is all part of the process not the end result and just as important as the goal itself. When we measure where we are now and how far are along that road we’ve traveled. There is a realisation our dream is tangible, within reach almost touchable. Don’t forget what you focus on expands and if you direct your energy into that project or idea there’s more than a very good chance it will begin to happen.