Judging Others


Judging Others.

Pointing the Finger 

Kelly had been deserted by her partner Dave who was secretly making money handling stolen goods. As soon as he had enough money he left leaving Kelly with three small children to care for. The flat belonged to friends of Dave’s but as soon as he’d gone the landlord threw Kelly and the children out.

Kelly had nowhere to go; so camped out in an old caravan belonging to some travellers on waste land. With no money for food or nappies she went to her parents for help but they said she had made her bed…. They hated Dave – and they’d never even seen their grandchildren. Desperate, Kelly stole food and nappies for her children she was ashamed, and terrified, fearing her children may be taken from her. She felt isolated from her parents and now she had to live with the stigma of what she had done.

Bad to Worse.

Things got tougher, the weather turned cold, Kelly needed to heat the caravan she had lost over two stone in weight. At night when the children were asleep she went through dustbins on the local estate, learning how to live on scraps and leftovers. One night a stranger offered to give her twenty pounds if she had sex with him. She thought about what that would buy for her children, food and heating for the caravan, perhaps some clothes from the charity shop for herself. She closed her eyes, it was over in minutes. Afterwards Kelly felt cheap and dirty but in the back of her mind were her children’s hungry faces. She quickly realised she could make a living like this. Nobody was going to help her so she had to help herself; in her mind she was responsible for three innocent lives.

Kelly prayed each night that one day her parents would forgive her for what she was about to do and they would start again as a family. She believed that some day they would understand why she was doing this. In the meantime she felt she had no choice.

It was only a matter of time before Kelly was arrested; charged with soliciting and theft, she was sentenced to prison. Kelly’s parents became involved and took over looking after the children. They went to visit Kelly and were horrified. Kelly was painfully thin her Mother thought she had anorexia. The children had no idea where Kelly was, she didn’t want to put them through any more. In prison Kelly was able to reflect on her life she wanted a better future for her and the children. With her family around her again, hopefully she would now be getting the support she so desperately needed to make this happen. She has seen no other way out and in her own mind has done the best for her children by the only means she knew how?

Was Kelly a bad Mother? as fellow human beings could we be more tolerant, more understanding and compassionate towards others.?