Happy To Live Longer


Photo courtesy of Amy Ben  Flikr Creative Commons

Happy to Live Longer.

Preparing for the future.

We now live in an aging population where longevity is common place. However it seems we’re not very good at preparing for, or dealing with old age and living longer.There are perhaps mistaken perception of what it’s going to be like. Many people are afraid of getting older as we imagine the worst, conjuring up ideas of poverty, isolation, and ill health. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way and with some careful preparation we can make the second half of life into a positive experience making this additional time enjoyable, creative, fun, and exciting.

 Earlier this year I spoke to Radhika Sanghani from the Telegraph about women’s health. She asked how we can prepare for living longer.

 The article Women: Fancy livings until you’re 105? Here’s how says. Women can now expect to live up to 105 in some parts of England, according to new forecasts. Radhika Sanghani explores what would it really be like to live for so long and asks experts for planning tips.

 Please follow the link below to read the full article and the five tips I offer for achieving this.