Christmas Stress -Why Keeping it Simple Works.


It’s that time of year again people either love it or hate it. It causes family arguments, stress, not to mention a huge overdraft!

Christmas Stress -Why Keeping it Simple Works.

It’s that time of year again people either love it or hate it. It causes family arguments, stress, not to mention a huge overdraft!

Yes it’s Christmas.

I know for some it’s a stressful time including whose house they are going to for lunch, what meat to buy and how much to spend on gifts. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By making a few simple adjustments in your attitude towards the Christmas season and how you deal with it can turn your worst nightmare into a positively happy time.

Personally I love Christmas from buying the gifts and wrapping them to planning a simple yet festive Christmas meal. It’s taken many years but I’ve finally got what I like to call a balanced approach to the whole thing. So let me share with you some of my tips for a happier healthier Yuletide.

Keep It Simple.

I know it’s been said countless times before but having a budget in mind can make all the difference so begin saving in January for next Christmas. Just putting a few pounds a month away can make a difference to your spending the following year. Try opening a Christmas savings account and transferring a fixed amount across each payday. It soon adds up. Decide how much you can afford to spend on each person stick to it and don’t be tempted to overspend. There are some great gifts out there and its fun bargain hunting especially as stores compete for your business, alternatively have a go at making your own gifts.

Don’t buy on impulse. Think about the person you are buying for, what are their hobbies, have they some special interest? If you know someone who can be difficult to buy for then have a bit of a brainstorm make a list of things they may like then choose one. It’s amazing what you can come up with rather than randomly buying something because you have to.

Don’t compete with friends or other family members on how much you spend. Keep within your OWN budget. Remember it’s the thought going into the choosing that will give you the greatest pleasure.

Avoid Family Arguments.

Whose turn is it to cook this year? that’s a seasonal favourite. Instead of feeling obliged to cook or the same person expected to cook each year why not go for a bring and share lunch for a change? Each guest brings something they have bought and or prepared whether its vegetables, the pudding, mince pies, wine, or cheese board. This way each person contributes to the meal and helps to cook it.

Also there is nothing wrong with saying NO this year and opting for a stay at home Christmas. Be honest and tell friends or family you would like to break with tradition this year and have a break. Who knows they may sigh with relief too!

Most importantly it’s a time to be enjoyed. So try keeping it simple this year and see what a difference it can make to your stress levels. And don’t forget some you time, whether its taking a bubble bath, going for a walk by yourself or simply reading a book.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Picture courtesy of flicker commons.