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There is so much talk about dry January, veganuary, faddy diets, the headache around credit card bills, sort your debts out, sort your life out!  So I’m proposing we all invest in having a FUNANUARY!

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Wake up to Bullying!

In this blog I share how to tackle bullying in the workplace they are all tips that I have personally used with clients.

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What If’s……

In this blog I share three tips that really work to help change your mind set. You will learn HOW to see things differently and positively!

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How to Have a Healthy Menopause in Five Steps

In this blog I share five steps to have a healthy menopause and lift your mood. They are all tips that I have personally used with great results as having had depression at the same time as going through the menopause it was a double whammy!

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Intuitive Coaching Changing The Way Women Run Their Lives

In 2005 a new saying hit the UK media “Don’t Get a life, Get a Life Coach”. Back then 100,000 Brits were reported to have a life coach and since the industry has only boomed further. In fact if you Google Life Coaching UK today there are 228,000,000 results thrown up!

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My Celebrity Day at the Savoy

This blog is a huge thank you to The Health Lottery and Simon Cowell who hosted The Health Lottery Tea Party at the Savoy Hotel on Tuesday 30 October to celebrate £100 million being raised through The Health Lottery.

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Hate Your Job, Unhappy At Work?

Do you dread going to work and want to make a change?

Imagine having the courage to do what you feel truly passionate although it about may sound like a lifetime away.

But it isn’t!

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