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Intuitive Coaching Changing The Way Women Run Their Lives

In 2005 a new saying hit the UK media “Don’t Get a life, Get a Life Coach”. Back then 100,000 Brits were reported to have a life coach and since the industry has only boomed further. In fact if you Google Life Coaching UK today there are 228,000,000 results thrown up!

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My Celebrity Day at the Savoy

This blog is a huge thank you to The Health Lottery and Simon Cowell who hosted The Health Lottery Tea Party at the Savoy Hotel on Tuesday 30 October to celebrate £100 million being raised through The Health Lottery.

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Hate Your Job, Unhappy At Work?

Do you dread going to work and want to make a change?

Imagine having the courage to do what you feel truly passionate although it about may sound like a lifetime away.

But it isn’t!

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A Life Changer

Recently, March in fact, life threw me a serious curved ball and my nearest and dearest was taken seriously ill. It was a very emotional time and to begin with I wasn’t sure if he was going to live.

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Beauty and Your Beast!

When you meet the partner of your dreams you would never expect 10, 15, 20 years down the line that the relationship would be tested severely.

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Do you beat yourself up weekly or daily, how bad do you feel after?

When you make mistakes take a wrong turn including unhealthy choices it’s easy to blame and criticize yourself. Maybe you ate a piece of cake, didn’t exercise, or forgot to do something you were meant to do!  You’re self-esteem drops feelings of guilt arise as you remind yourself of just how stupid you are!

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