About ME

Have you ever felt stuck?

My first marriage was painful and for years I struggled with depression. Then after losing my job through redundancy things escalated out of control and depression turned into anxiety.

I felt hopeless, with no sense of purpose, completely powerless, not knowing HOW to get my life back. I held the belief that it was all down to bad luck, or maybe I’d done something wrong! I soon discovered that bad luck had nothing at all to do with it but my perspective did.

That saying ‘things happen for a reason’ burned in my brain, if there was a reason then what was it? It’s around this time my life changed forever after meeting a British Doctor who taught me ways of living steeped in traditional Zen Buddhism which had a profound effect on my life. I began seeking other methods that gave me an effective unique Heart centred approach. Including the journey into health and well-being that tapped into the ‘life force energy’ we all posses.

I learned amongst other things that I deserved so much more, the real meaning of self-acceptance, self-belief and learned to trust and follow my gut and heart. It’s through finding my deeply intuitive and spiritual side that eventually lead me to a truly fulfilling career as a life coach, author and inspirational speaker.

I don’t know you personally but if this resonates in any way at all, if you’re struggling with something that’s holding you back, challenging you, stopping you from living the life you truly desire……then read on!

Straight Talking with Care

I am fondly known as a ‘straight talking Yorkshire woman’ with a warm heart, care and compassion. I work globally empowering women on how to recover from life’s personal heartaches and professional setbacks. My expertise, wisdom and experience has helped a wide range of women at all stages of life. Whether that’s personal or professional, some decisions can seem just too big to make on your own and often those closest to you have their own opinion.

I can help you make those decisions based on what truly serves you, not what other people want you to do!

I’m a regular contributor to magazines, newspapers, podcasts and HIT talks as well as a guest on BBC radio giving tips, interviews and advice.

Another level

Despite being down to earth and grounded I have developed an extremely high sense of intuition. This heightened intuition gives me the ability to gain valuable insight into people’s lives quickly meaning I can share accurate information that’s personal to you. With the capacity to tap into other levels of information, each session is unique and it’s entirely up to you how much I bring into it. We can have stand-alone coaching or something a bit more spiritual!

Either way you choose. I have successfully navigated 100’s of clients through a wide range of life challenges and offer a non-judgemental, no blame or shame experience.

Would you like to explore new possibilities and find out who you really are as well as change your life for the better. If the answer is YES then this is most DEFINITELY for you.

I would love to offer you 30 minutes with me completely FREE so you can find out more.
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Let’s Connect: Give me a call or text if you prefer on +44 07743 986840. Always in confidence.