Communication, have we lost the art of doing it?



Communication Have We Lost The Art of Doing It?


It’s a fact its part of our daily lives, especially since email and social media took over There’s nothing wrong with technology or advancement however, has it had an impact on our everyday communication?

We constantly email each other even when we are two feet away from our work colleagues. It’s almost as though if we email someone, we have done our part and the responsibility ends there. In this fast paced world it’s much quicker to do this than hold a conversation.

But is that necessarily to the good?

We are all Unique.

It’s important to have respect and appreciate that each individual is unique. Each one of us has different life experiences, values and beliefs; this all shapes our opinions and can affect how we interpret information. Try to accept that you are responsible for how you communicate and how that is received. In order to ensure you have been understood, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask them and of course you can always change how you communicate if it’s not clear to the receiver.


Whatever you do be authentic so when you want to convey an important message be honest and sincere. If you can’t be honest and sincere, it may be better not to say anything. I’m sure we have all been in situations when we feel the other person is not being entirely up front. It has a damper on the relationship and can have a negative impact on future dealings.

What’s it like in their word? Make a real genuine effort to understand the other person with whom you are communicating. Try to appreciate how things are for them and what they look like. Depending on what’s going on in their life it may be that they don’t receive your message the way you are giving it. Be patient.

Let’s Talk.

Let’s revive the good old conversation. When the kids text to ask what’s for tea say “call me and find out.” Instead of texting your partner all day, why not discuss things over dinner? Allow space for a decent two way interaction to happen. Listen generously, and talk thoughtfully Make a point of talking to each other about your day.Take it in turns to talk and listen to each other by having twenty minutes each. That way you will also feel heard and we we feel heard it has a  wonderful positive impact. And that’s so important in every relationship.

I love the following quote it’s simple and effective.

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship. When you stop communicating you start losing your valuable relationships.

So, be in touch with everyone.

Picture courtesy of flickr commons.