Hi, I’m Dr Annette Greenwood
I warmly welcome you

Whether it’s personal or professional I’m known as an expert on helping women discover how to easily overcome life’s challenges and setbacks to living a life on purpose filled with great relationships, inner peace and happiness!

For nearly 20 years I have worked with 100’s of women globally teaching them how to find purpose, passion and lasting fulfillment.

Overcome Adversity & Setbacks To live An Empowered Life.

Whether that’s personal or professional. I REALLY understand ‘difficult times’ and the need for tools to bounce back – Especially if you want a FRESH START. I help women reawaken their passion for life when they have been thrown a curve ball.

Although I live a life on purpose today it wasn’t always like that for me. 

It’s no secret I struggled in my own life. At one point I suffered with depression low confidence and self esteem. But by overcoming my own adversities I have turned things around and I can help you too. I have created a tried and tested unique formula that embodies scientific techniques whilst embracing your creative and intuitive side. I firmly believe having a clear vision brings positive results and that being true to your values aligns your life in ways you never thought possible.

I’m living proof that the power of a healthy mind, positive thinking and living from the heart keeps you young, vibrant, healthy, happy, and fun to be with. I call it Age-Less living, so whether your in your 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s and beyond I will share these ancient longevity secrets that can uplift your energy and life for the better.

There are several reasons why I admitted needing to seek help and get my life back again, maybe you only have one?

I will share these five tools with you

Learn how to create a life you FEEL aligned with

How being GRATEFUL for those small things really does work!

Helping you through hard times by answering burning questions

How being in the MOMENT really does bring awareness

I can help you get over those hurdles, setbacks or forks in the road


I have a regular show on Women’s Radio Station where you can hear me talking to guests on relevant topics including mental health, menopause, age- less living and more. Talking from the heart, I speak openly with those who have bounced back from adversity, sharing stories to inspire, alongside tips to empower, uplift and energize you to get up and go!

What My Clients have had to say:

Thank you for all your love and support Annette. I truly wouldn’t have managed without you.

Thank’s for a great session today Annette. I’ve driven home feeling a ripple of energy about my next steps and had a real honest think about things that make me happy.

I had the misconception that coaching was a “Hollywood thing” How I was wrong. I came to Annette when I was lost. Life coaching has allowed me to look deeper into what I want, what I’m good at, and what makes me happy. Sessions have enabled me to see life and things around me in a different light.